rain rain you can stay


This Labor Day, we woke to rain. Taking the family to the pool was out. So was the park. We were tempted to use the morning to do long neglected chores. But this wasn’t just our day off. It was AP and MP’s day too. So we declared our very first Family Fun Day.

 I thought fast and decided bowling was just the thing. Neither of our children had ever been, so we had the excitement of something new. Plus we had a coupon.

We set off in the rain, commenting on how empty the roads were. So was the bowling alley. When we arrived at 10:30am there were only a handful of other families there. We paid, picked up our shoes, and got started.

 The kids proceeded to have a blast. So did we for that matter. We laughed, we cheered each other on, and we encouraged each other when we missed. It was a sort of milestone in our family; an activity we could all enjoy. At 3, MP is finally old enough to really join in. By the time her attention span wore off, the place was packed with other families having fun too.

 After KP beat us all, we headed down the street for burgers and shakes. We really try to eat healthy in our household. But this was Family Fun Day, so salads and smoothies were out. The kids protested a bit, crying for the ever-popular chicken establishment that all southerners readily patronize. You know, the one that uses cows in their advertising and isn’t open on Sundays? But we explained that Family Fun Day meant adventure.

 Lunch was just as much fun. The kids each got enormous shakes, which meant yours truly got a chance to divulge in two different flavors. Burgers and fries all around and we had a happy crowd.

 As our meal came to a close, AP said something that resonated. She thanked us for the day, saying that because she’s in school now she doesn’t always get to do things like this; such wise words from a seasoned kindergartner. She said how much she loved Family Fun Day. KP joked that we should record her for future reference. It’s true that they may not always love family activities. But I sat across from this grateful, glowing child and realized that choosing them over everything else was the best thing we did all week.

 After paying the bill, we ran for the car, raindrops falling from the sky. But the weather didn’t dampen our spirits. We were all laughing. We were all thankful for the time together. Bowling and burgers. Who knew.